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How to Power Cycle modem / router:  Unplug modem, count to 20, plug back in.  Wait 5 minutes, restarting devices, PC’s etc. may be necessary.

Restart devices, PC’s, IoT devices (TV’s, phones etc.).

No Dial tone, If customer is using cordless, check batteries – Weak batteries can cause instability.

For Black ZyXEL, models 4325 and 660:  If there is a red internet light, modem will need to be re-configured they will need to bring modem in for that.

Calix Modem: If modem does not have a solid light on DSL, power cycle the Calix router.

No Internet:  If no DSL light on modem, confirm all network cables are securely attached to the back of the modem or router.

No lights on modem
Model VMG4325 or VMG4005

  • Make sure that the power button the back of the box is pushed in.
  • If not push in and see if power comes up
  • If that still doesn’t work try moving modem to new outlet

Model P660

  • Move to new outlet and see if power comes up.

Setting up your own 804 Mesh

Using the Received Signal Strength Indicator
(RSSI) to Position the 804Mesh Backhaul signal strength can be monitored via the bank of four LED’s located on top of the 804Mesh. These lights display the relative signal strength of the 804Mesh in the network. The table below explains possible LED states as it pertains to RSSI.

Note that the absence of any lit LEDs indicates a lack of connectivity between the
804Mesh and the host GigaCenter or the 804Mesh is connected via the Ethernet

Managing the 804Mesh

The initial set-up and ongoing maintenance including software upgrades
of the 804Mesh is managed remotely by your service provider.

Connecting the 804Mesh to your Network

Note: The upstream GigaCenter must be running ONT Release 12.2.6
or above in order to realize the full benefi t of advanced features
on the 804Mesh.

To complete the network connection, two options are available:
1. Connect the 804Mesh to the upstream GigaCenter using the
WPS functionality built into both products. Press and hold the
WPS button on the GigaCenter for at least 5 seconds. When
released, the WPS LED will blink amber. Then go to the 804Mesh
and hold the WPS button until the signal strength LEDs begin
fl ashing. At this point, a pairing attempt will begin. Note that you
have a maximum of two minutes between button pushes (walking

2. Connect an Ethernet cable between the 804Mesh and the upstream GigaCenter. Once the Ethernet cable is connected, the 804Mesh automatically learns the network topography.
Note: The Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) will not light up when the 804Mesh is connected to the GigaCenter using the Ethernet interface.

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