RTC Announces its Conversion to an All-Digital Video Platform


Colorado City, CO-based Rye Telephone Company (RTC) is excited to announce that it is upgrading its video services to an all-digital video platform! Digital Cable has many advantages over analog. Because the signal is digital, the picture quality and sound quality are both dramatically improved. In addition, more channels will be available, including those in High Definition (HD). RTC is also offering a Whole Home DVR option where your whole family can enjoy DVR recordings, even in HD, from any connected TV on the home network.

“We are committed to bringing the best technology to our rural subscribers,” said Shawn Davis, Operations Manager at RTC. “This best-in-class TV service is just the latest in a long list of efforts to expand our capabilities to the customer. Our fiber-fast Internet and reliable phone service are now complimented by this all-digital offering!”

This upgrade will require a set top box or digital transport adapter (DTA) on each TV in your home. In order to maintain current programming, some customers may need to exchange their old equipment, at no additional cost, by November 30, 2019.

To find out if your current equipment is suitable for the upgrade or to simply learn more about the all-digital video platform, contact RTC at (719) 676-3131 or email [email protected]